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Distributing reputable brands and high products Rasam Company endeavors to perform up-to-date and high-quietly services in order to make its customers feel quietly Confident and provide their maximum satisfaction

Sakht afzar sazan-e-rasam engineering company (Rasam) is a reputable and renowned company that is currently performing a broad range of various computer services in Iran .

After about two decades of performing a variety of successful domestic services, Rasam company is planning to expand into the middle east and central Asia markets

Benefiting from technical knowledge of its experienced experts in various areas of IT and ICT, Rasam company incessantly strives to perform the best services possible for achieving the maximum customer satisfaction

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With the aim of performing far better services for the customers and being in closer contact with them, Rasam Company retaining an active network of sales agencies and after sales services in some provinces and cities in Iran, welcomes granting new agencies

Rasam Company is a customer-centered company, and considering “ The rights of the consumers, it strives to perform the best service possible. The company has set complete customer satisfaction” as its primary goal. So far, Rasam Company has performed a broad range of various services for customers such as government organization, offices, ministries, universities, banks, private companies and organizations manufacturers, factories etc.

Rasam Company is a member of computer Guild Department Organization of Iran.

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Rasam Company has been performing a variety of successful domestic Services for about two decades. After a great deal meticulous and comprehensive researches on computer services markets in different Middle Eastern and central Asian countries were conducted by the company’s marketing Experts, to fulfill its defined long-term goals, Rasam Company has planned to perform computer services in the said countries.

Appraising and analyzing slightest nuances in supply and demand in computer services markets, in Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the experts in the company’s marketing Center could achieve clear perceptions of computer services markets in the said countries. The experts in the company’s marketing center analyzed the collected data and provided forecasts about needs and requirements of the future computer services markets in central Asian and Middle Eastern Countries which led the experts in the  company’s commercial department to set a variety of different frameworks for performing computer services in the mentioned countries, generally including:

Granting representation

To grant agency based on the company’s standards and criteria in the Middle East and Central Asia.

product distribution

Unremitting distribution of high-tech and high quality products and parts in the local and regional markets in the Middle East and Central Asia.

regional branchs

To establish local and regional branch offices and sub-branch offices in the Middle East and Central Asia regions.

Granting guarantee

To grant guarantees on products, parts and services to the customers of Rasam Company’s Agencies in Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

hold training courses

To hold training and retraining courses for experts engaged in the company’s agencies in the Middle East and Central Asia.